My headache story

My headache story – Part 1

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In this series of posts I try to describe my life with the beast as accurate as possible. Today’s post is about my first experiences with cluster headache.

First time one-sided headache

As far as I can remember, my first encounter with cluster headache occurred during my student years around the year 2000. Long time ago. At that moment I didn’t know what those annoying headache attacks were. I describe them as annoying because they weren’t as severe at that time, at least that’s how I remember it.

Like clockwork

It started to become clear to me that three times a year, over the course of a few weeks, every other day between 11 and 12 AM, I had a headache on one side of head. Because it always was around lunchtime and the pain would disappear after I ate, I thought for a very long time that I was just hungry. Unfortunately I know better now.

Typical case of episodic cluster headache

In hindsight I now realise I had a mild form of episodic cluster headache at that time. The first couple of years I had three periods of six weeks where I had attacks about three to four times a week. These lasted for one hour and occurred on the right side of my head. During an attack I also had nasal congestion and a teary eye. Those still are the only additional symptoms, apart from the excruciating pain, I have during attacks. That lasted for a couple of years, until I noticed at my job as a software engineer that I was having daily attacks. Always between 9 and 10 AM, at the time about four times a week, during four periods a year. Those are the kind of details I remember vividly.

Stay tuned for more about that period and about what happened next. Over the years the headache became more frequent and more severe. Feel free to use the buttons below to share this post and spread the word about cluster headaches!