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Cluster headache patient, who am I?

This is me, cluster headache patient, with my little boy.
That’s me

I’m Steve, 34 years old, married and father of little boy. You can’t tell from my picture here, but I suffer from a horrible chronic disease.

I’m a cluster headache patient for over 13 years, but only in 2007 I was diagnosed as such after suffering two daily attacks for a week. It was only then that I first went to my GP, who sent me to a neurologist. The neurologist immediately diagnosed my condition as cluster headache.

Since then my condition gradually worsened and somewhere in 2012 I transitioned from episodic to chronic cluster headache.

On this blog I hope to post regularly about how I live with this terrible condition and how I got where I am now. I will also try to explain a bit about the disease itself and about the treatments I have had and currently have. I’ll also try and assess how effective those treatments are for me personally. I will also post about how I stand in life coping with the disease and how it influences me personally and professionally. Because of my condition I can’t say when I’ll post, but I’ll try to write some stuff whenever I’m able.

I hope to be able encourage fellow cluster headache patients and I’m sure a lot of what I’ll write will sound familiar to other clusterheads.

To conclude: If you’re a cluster headache sufferer or you know someone with cluster headache, make sure to check here regularly for interesting information. Thanks for taking the time to browse this website!


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